Matthieu is an amazing humble classically trained pianist, who with another highly talented saxophonist Xvngo have created Jazz Drill Fusion. @xvngo

We have been strategising new projects, including a listening party at Longfield Hall. This has now developed into a bi-monthly Jazz residency which will take place from the amazing Longfield Hall in 2021.

A monthly 2 hour radio show on a Thursday from 4pm -6pm on Feferity Radio. Tune in this Thursday 24th December.

Giving back to my community, is of the utmost importance. Empowering the next generation in their greatness is key to continuing the legacy of our amazing talented young people 🙏

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My role of a mentor has been pivotal for the progression of my mentee’s progression that does not have the contacts I have accumulated over the years of working within the sector of events within the community.
Throughout my years of working within Architecture, social activism campaigns, fitness and producing events. I have established a knowledge which I believe has benefits to young people who are unsure of their future progression. I truly believe it is our duty as decent role model citizens to hand on knowledge to the next generation of leaders, to ensure a resilient, sustainable brighter future.

I have been mentoring Mathieu for over 8/9 months. Since our work together he has accomplished a great deal.

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Testimonial from Matthieu Chung

Michelle Killington is a wonderful, intelligent and thoughtful mentor and has been pivotal in my personal development and career since meeting her.

Michelle has helped me gain many roles, gigs and career developing opportunities. Notably the first being the Lambeth Unlock Project online event course project. On this course, my role as a mentor was to help the young people run a successful live event showcasing Talent. It was fulfilling to be a role model to the young people and see them develop and flourish over the duration of the course. This opportunity triggered and instilled a passion for community events and giving back to community.

This has lead to further opportunities within the community, such as being on the Events and Engagement committee, for Myatt’s Field Park, where Michelle is also a member. Currently Michelle has brought me under her wing again and we are planning another youth engagement mentoring course within the park for 2021, something I believe will benefit the community tremendously. This is thanks to Michelle’s tremendous community spirit which has definitely influenced me in the power of togetherness and relationships within the community.

 I am a working musician and one of my latest projects is creating a new genre of music called Jazz-Drill. Michelle, through her belief in my craft, ability and creativity has opened many doors for me to perform and gain exposure at several venues and platforms, such as San Mei Gallery, Bankside Open Trust in Waterloo, Feferity Radio and Longfield Hall Trust. I now have a residency at Longfield Hall Trust,where I will be hosting a new up and coming event, where artists perform on stage and also performing, bi-monthly. She isn’t afraid to give me constructive criticism and add meaningful and insightful touches to my art, something that really elevates my work. 

I have to say through meeting her my list of career achievements have multiplied and are really bountiful and I am receiving many paid work opportunities as a result of her belief in my talents and putting me in the right rooms. For this I am very fortunate and grateful. My music has also been played on BBC Radio London as of recent – A definite career highlight.

Michelle never leaves me out of anything she does, and where she sees the opportunity for me to fit in, endeavours to include me. I am forever grateful to her.
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