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Welcome to empower

Hi, I’m Michelle…

I started boxing 5 years ago after my mum passed away.  She suffered with mental health issues for as long as I could remember.  I was struggling with grief and did not know how to mourn for her after she died. When I tried boxing and punching out, it felt like the tears and anger were leaving my body.

My love for boxing was seen by the gym directors and I was given the chance to gain a qualification to tutor the children of the gym and a boxing qualification which allowed me to train adults. I had such admiration for community boxing I was given the title of Community Liaison officer.

I set up my own business working with women only. Being an entrepreneur can be challenging, but at the same time I find immense joy in teaching. I believe it is important to teach the technical skills of boxing to women in a fun and safe environment.

Seeing women working together is so important to me. Seeing my sisters empowered by learning self defence and having fun with music creates such a positive vibe.

My Mission

Encourage women to be the best role models to their family by exercising and having a healthy lifestyle.

Teach women  to relieve stress in a productive way an ensure longevity in the family unit through developing a healthy lifestyle.

Have fun in a supportive environment.

Encourage women to feel comfortable in their surroundings with others by encouraging diversity and a relaxed atmosphere.

I am not a huge fan of modern gyms, I find them pretentious and boring.  I truly believe my classes are unique in terms of the social aspect, proven by the feedback  from my sessions.

I encourage women to learn the basics of running as part of training.  I organise fortnightly runs which include stretching, the art of breathing whilst running.  I train the team to use the community gym and give an introduction to  using weights. 

I encourage coffee or lunch after which is a good way to socialise and relax.

“Watching women working in pairs, encouraging each other to do the best they can, gives me goose bumps.  I love it”


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