I really enjoy and look forward to doing our weekly boxing classes via zoom. Of course meeting in person is better, but given the restrictions of the pandemic and lockdown, this is the next best thing.

Although there can sometimes be technical difficulties, you are still able to get a good workout with Michelle concentrating on various exercises to work out different parts of the body – warmup, stretch, squats, arm & stomach exercises, general cardio and of course learning different boxing techniques before stretching again to finish.
The class not only helps with toning my body, co-ordination, improving my general fitness and physical well-being, but also helps enormously with my mental wellbeing, keeping my mind active (you have to concentrate to remember all those boxing routines!) and gives me a more positive outlook to tackle the day ahead.
Furthermore, now with my experience that exercise helps to reduce stress, I can pass on that knowledge, encouragement and tips to my children to help them at stressful times and keep them on the right track.


Michelle is very patient and considerate of different individuals’ needs and levels of ability but still manages to give us enough discipline to not let us off lightly. It must be very challenging to teach such an active class online, but Michelle perseveres through the technical constraints. She is very personable and giving in her attention to us. In the current restricted conditions it is more important than ever to have an exercise routine, and her classes also bring a sense of familiarity, community and lack of embarrassment that boosts our mental as well as physical welfare


Michelle’s boxing class was instrumental in helping with my mental health during a very challenging time during Covid.

Michelle’s class is, in my opinion, essential to help people through the winter months to stay healthy.

Lucy, SE5