I missed the art of listening to music that made me feel better spiritually.  As a child as young as 15, I would select and play Studio One reggae at my grandmother and grandfather’s big people’s party like a pro.  I loved watching grown men in their two tone suits, braces and trilby hats looking sophisticated, alongside made up, well-polished women wooing them in my Nan’s living room.  The couples looked so happy and in love, only until too some guests drank too much alcohol and smoked too much weed which would make them look ugly and angry.

As an estranged teenager, eldest of five, I would escape to my room whilst sketching and listening to Luther, Anita Baker, Randy Crawford and George Benson.  I would go into my own romantic world of what love sounded like never yet experiencing what love was like between a man and woman.

As a teenager with my friends going to a Shubens there was a regular ritual.  Finding a speaker box for our coats whilst the bass of the speakers drummed inside my chest, getting high from the marijuana in the smoky room, whilst being mesmerised by the lights from the system.  This was short lived due to an increased use of crack.  We all stopped going as we feared for our safety.

As a grown-up going out on the club circuit I soon realised it was not for me.  The DJs were playing the same songs in each club, just in a different order.  Where was the originality?  There are so many records in the world and you still play “Murder she Wrote!”  Going out of a comfort zone, and educating the audience with new music makes you a good DJ, not playing what you heard last time you went out.

For many, music feeds the soul. It feeds the missing parts of your soul, enhancing your senses at times certain songs you cannot play certain music depending on your mood at the time due to your frequency.  This is how deep music can resonate in ones soul.

There are many who may have lost a loved one and who can no longer listen to songs which at a time was his / her theme song and has now put those records, thoughts and memories aside.   

I created vinyl memories for people to come together in relaxed, intimate settings and to socialise in a safe environment, playing less commercial music.  Those with vinyl who wish to share it are welcome. The events are a new way to hear music.  There is no need to dance, unless you want to.  It is for those who appreciate music.

My hope inevitably is to bring generations young and old together to listen and learn from each other through music, breaking down barriers, just how my grandmother and grandfather did for me when I learned to play at the big people parties. Music is universal and understood by all.

Youth Jam in the Park

Longfield Hall Trust (LHT)

I have co-produced a number of performances in collaboration with LHT. Having built a good relationship with a number of up and coming artists, I bring a touch of diversity from the BAME community to the events. My relationship with LHT is going from strength to strength. I will be assisting with a Sound and Lighting programme aimed at providing young people in Lambeth with the skills to enter into work or further education in the Arts.


Please feel free to leave a donation at an event.  All money raised will go towards future events.

Past Events

A catalogue of past events & Locations

South Lambeth Library

Pure Vinyl Records

Effra Tavern Pub

Minet Library

Myatts Fields Park

Sugar Bar Lounge

Reviews and comments from Guests

Should go on longer from 2pm-6pm

“Great fun, when is the next one”

Recommended Songs and Artists

Golden – Jill Scott

Seven Days – Mary J Blige

Everytime – Toi 

Best Part ( Feat. Daniel Caesar) – H.E.R.

I Think I Love You – Dwele 

Closer – Goapele 

Dont Hold me Down – Tortured Soul

Giving Up – Donny Hathaway

Baker Street – Gerry Rafferty

Music is my Sanctuary

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