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About Me

Hi… I’m Michelle. Welcome to my site !

I started boxing 5 years ago after my mum passed away.  She suffered with mental health issues for as long as I could remember.  I was struggleing with grief and did not know how to mourn for her after she died.  

When I tried boxing and punching out, it felt like the tears and anger were leaving my body.

My love for boxing was seen by the directors of the gym I’d joined and I was given an opportunity to gain a qualification to tutor the children of the gym and a boxing qualification, which allowed me to train adults.  I had such admiration for community boxing. I was given the title of Community Liaison officer.

I set up my own business working with women only. Being an entrepreneur can be challenging, but at the same time I find immense joy in teaching. I believe it is important to teach the technical skills of boxing to women in a fun and safe environment.

Seeing women working together is so important to me. Seeing my sisters empowered by learning self defence and having fun with music creates such a positive vibe.


The aim of this class is to help improve women’s self esteem and confidence.  I am a survivor of a volatile past.  My aim is to encourage women to see the strength they have within them through exercise. 

Boxing was once thought of as a man’s sport but is now  recognised as a great way to relieve stress and anxiety for women too, and a great way to get in shape. 

The ability to defend oneself is empowering, not only teaching you discipline but realising your own strength and awareness is an empowering tool, not only for getting in shape but elsewhere in your life.

We have fun in class whilst teaching the discipline of the sport, using music and dance as a tool to learn the foot work.  Keeping fit through boxing also encourages a sisterhood amongst the women, as the class relies on teamwork throughout the sessions.

The classes take place at 10.30am -11.30am Saturdays, and 7pm-8pm on Wednesdays.

The class consists of stretching, warm ups and cardiovascular exercise, through teaching the  principles of non-contact boxing from beginners level.


My Mission

Encourage women to be the best role models to their family by exercising and having a healthy lifestyle.

Teach women  to relieve stress in a productive way.

Ensure longevity in the family unit through developing a healthy lifestyle.

Have fun in a supportive environment.

Encourage women to feel comfortable in their surroundings with others by encouraging diversity and a relaxed atmosphere.

I am not a huge fan of modern gyms and find them to be  pretentious and boring.  I truly believe my classes are unique in terms of the social aspect, proven by the feedback  from my sessions.

I encourage women to learn the basics of running as part of training.  I organise fortnightly runs which include stretching, the art of breathing whilst running.  I train the team to use the community gym and give an introduction to  using weights. 

I also encourage coffee or lunch after which is a good way to socilaise and to relax together.

“Watching women working in pairs, encouraging each other to do the best they can, gives me goose bumps.  I love it”

1 to 1 sessions

Not everyone enjoys working out in a team environment. 

Sessions can  happen at home, the park or at work.  The 1 to 1 experience is catered to your individual requirements. 

1 hour sessions,  supported by e-mail and phone.

I have  worked with a number of clients who have seen amazing transformations, and continue to do well with my support and encouragement. 



I have been attending  Michelle’s boxercise classes for  9 months. She has helped me build my self confidence and to keep fit. I  look forward for her  classes.  I feel much better after I leave her classes.

I recommend you come to her classes because she is very good at her job. There is an English saying  “Where there is a will, there is a way”.


As a senior healthcare manager experiencing burnout and deemed unfit for work by my GP, I decided I needed to find physical activity to address my symptoms and provide me with the tools to move forward. I am pleased I discovered Michelle’s classes and although I was nervous and unwell I immediately felt welcome in a class as diverse as the community I live in.

Michelle’s classes provide me an opportunity to get fitter, to engage in activities which require me to focus and be disciplined, to lose weight and regain  confidence in myself and my ability to learn. The class has  provided me with friendships and support outside my personal and working life.

Michelle is inspirational and her love of boxing and the empowerment it provides to women is infectious, we work hard and push ourselves to do the best we can. Michelle’s inclusive teaching style means that there is always laughter and a supportive atmosphere.


What you do is an inspiration, you’re a great, fun motivator. I have lost a lot of weight.  When I can pay for the classes I will be there.


Exercising with Michelle has had a very positive influence in my life.  I have always been self conscious, never felt confident to just walk into a gym and exercise.  Not to mention the expensive prices too. Michelle’s women only classes gave me the environment I needed to start exercising with other women.  I thoroughly enjoy the classes, something I did not think possible.  The fact that the classes are priced so low allows me to go every week and when possible I attend twice a week.  I have encouraged friends to attend who, like me, needed an environment that allowed them to feel confident, women supporting women.  Thank you Michelle!


After having a sudden near fatal illness, I felt the need for regular exercise.  I was sent the poster about boxercise classes and I decided to give it a try.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially as Michelle  explained and demonstrated all the moves and  adapted the exercises to our abilities.  Since joining I have definitely noticed the changes to my body, especially my increased stamina.  The exercises I had difficulty with, such as sit ups, are no longer difficult.  I used to moan when we were doing certain exercises but as I improved, I don’t moan as much. I attend the class twice a week, when I can and would do more.  The ladies that attend are supportive and welcoming.  Michelle enjoys what she does and is very encouraging.  I highly recommend this class if you want to get fit and if you want have a good time. (boxcercise advocate).