I have been attending  Michelle’s boxercise classes for more than 9 months now. She helped me a lot to build up my self confidence and to keep fit. I always look forward for her next class.  I feel much better after I leave her class.

I recommend you come over to her classes because she is very good at her job. There is an English saying  “Where there is a will, there is a way”. 



As a senior healthcare manager experiencing burnout and deemed unfit for work by my GP, I decided in April 2018 I needed to find a physical activity which would address my symptoms and provide me with the tools I needed to move forward. I am pleased to say I discovered Michelle’s boxing classes and although nervous and unwell I immediately felt welcome in a class as diverse as the community I live in. 

Michelle’s classes provide me with an opportunity to get fit, to engage in an activity which required me to focus and be disciplined, to lose weight and regain my confidence in myself and my ability to learn. The class has also provided me with friendships and support which are independent of my personal and working life. 

Michelle is inspirational and her love of boxing and the empowerment it can provide to women is infectious, we work hard and push ourselves to do the best we can, but Michelle’s inclusive teaching style means that there is always laughter and a supportive atmosphere.




What you do is an inspiration, you’re a great fun motivator and inspiration. I have lost a lot of weight.  From when I can pay for the classes I will be there.




Exercising with Michelle has had a very positive influence in my life.  I have always been self conscious, never felt confident to just walk into a gym and exercise.  Not to mention the expensive price to do so too. Michelle’s women only classes gave me an environment.  I needed to start exercising with other women.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes something I did not think it possible.  The fact that the classes are priced so low allows me to go every week and when possible I attend twice a week.  I have encouraged my friends to attend who like me needed an environment that allowed them to feel confident, women supporting women.  Thank you Michelle!



After having a sudden near fatal illness last year, I felt the need to get back to regular exercise.  I was sent a copy of the poster about boxercise classes from a friend.  I decided to give it a try and joined, in January 2018.  I thoroughly enjoyed it especially as Michelle (Instructor) explained and demonstrated the moves and would adapt the exercises to our ability.  Since joining I have definitely noticed the changes to my body, especially my increased stamina.  The exercises that I had difficulty with, such as sit ups, are no longer difficult for me.  I use to moan when we were doing certain exercises but as I improved, I don’t moan as much. I attend the class twice a week, when I can and would do more.  The ladies that attend are supportive and welcoming .  Michelle enjoys what she does and is very encouraging.  I highly recommend this boxcercise class if you want to get fit as well as have a good time. (boxcercise advocate).