First session is free!

The aim of the class is to help improve women’s self esteem and confidence.  I am a survivor from a background of a volatile past.  My aim is to encourage women to see the strength they have within them through exercise.  Boxing once thought of as a man’s sport is now highly recognised as a great way to relieve stress and anxiety also for women, and a great way to get in shape.  Being able to defend oneself is a very empowering tool, not only teaching you discipline but realising your own strength awareness, is an empowering tool, not only for getting in shape but for other areas of your life.

I have fun in class whilst also teaching the discipline of the sport, by using music and dance as a tool to learning the basic foot work necessary to box.  Keeping fit through boxing also encourages a sisterhood amongst the women, as the class relies heavily on teamwork throughout the sessions.

The classes take place at 10.30am -11.30am Saturdays, and 7pm-8pm on Wednesdays.

The class consists of stretching, warm ups and cardiovascular exercise elements, through teaching the basic principles of non-contact boxing from beginners level.

My aims 

Encourage women to be the best role models to their family by exercising and having a healthy lifestyle.

Help teach women how to relieve stress in a productive way.

Ensure longevity within the family unit through developing a healthy lifestyle.

Have fun in a supportive environment.

Encouraging women to feel comfortable in their surroundings with others by encouraging diversity and a relaxed atmosphere.

I am not a huge fan of modern gyms and at times find them to be very pretentious, and boring.  I truly believe my classes are unique in the sense of the social impact, which has been proven by feedback received from my sessions.

I also encourage women to learn the basics of running as part of training.  I organise fortnightly jogs which includes stretching, the art of breathing whilst running.  I also train the team in using a free community outdoor gym which gives the team an introduction to using weights.  I encourage a coffee or lunch after which is a good way to relax together.

“Watching women working in pairs, encouraging each other to do the best they can, gives me goose bumps.  I love it”