About me

I started boxing 5 years ago after my mum passed away suddenly.  My dear mum had suffered with mental health issues, for as long as I remember.  I was in a state of grief and I did not know how to mourn, once she had died.  

When I tried boxing and punching out it felt like my tears of sadness and anger were leaving my body.  

My love for boxing was seen by the directors of the boxing gym I had joined and I was given an opportunity to gain a qualification to tutor the children of the gym and also a boxing level 1 qualification, which gave me the opportunity to train adults.  I had such an admiration for community boxing I was given the title of Community Liaison officer. 

I decided to set up my own business working with women only. Being an entrepreneur can be challenging, and at the same time I find immense joy in teaching and believe it is important to teach the technical skills of boxing to women in a fun, safe environment. 

Seeing women working together is very important to me. Seeing my sisters empowering themselves by learning self defence skills whilst having fun with funky music being played throughout the class creates a really positive vibe